Surface Preparation & Primers

Surface pre-treatment includes the necessary steps before applying Rilsan® powders. The purpose of the pre-treatment stage is twofold: it eliminates all impurities from the surface prior to coating and establishes an adhesion promoting primer layer for long-term performance and corrosion resistance. The lifetime of the coating is highly dependent on the quality of the preliminary surface treatment.

Cleaning & Degreasing

Before any primer or Rilsan® Fine Powder is applied to the substrate, the part must be cleaned and degreased.  This removes contaminants (e.g. oils, dirt) that can cause adhesion issues if not addressed in the first step of the coating process.

Grit-Blasting / Stripping

This stage follows the degreasing step and eliminates all foreign bodies (e.g. carbon impurities, metal oxides) present on the surface of the part.  It also creates a roughness on the surface that provides a mechanical "grip" for improved adhesion of the polyamide coating (opposed to the chemical adhesion created by the primer).


After cleaning and grit-blasting, a primer may be applied to improve the adhesion of Rilsan® PA11 onto the metal surface and maximize corrosion resistance. This undercoat creates a chemical bond, producing strong adhesion between the substrate and Rilsan® coating.


The use of a primer is strongly recommended when the coated parts are intended for outdoor use, severe chemical environments, thermal environments, or in any other highly demanding applications.

The Rilprim and Primgreen primer product lines are recommended for use with Rilsan® Fine Powder coatings.