Other Processes

In addition to the conventional fluidized bed dipping and electrostatic spraying coating technologies, both widely used throughout the world, Arkema has developed technologies and adapted product formulations over the the years to provide efficient coating systems for specific applications.

Minicoating Process

Rilsan® Fine Powders can be applied using the minicoating process

Arkema has developed a process called “minicoating” for the coating of small articles, which can vary from articles less than 1 cm to approximately 15 cm in overall size. Its principle is similar to the fluidized bed dip coating process: a small pre-heated article is dropped into a vibrating bowl filled with Rilsan® polyamide powder, and the powder immediately melts onto the hot part's surface. The surface finish can subsequently be smoothed down using a post-fusion oven.

Other Specialized Coating Techniques

Rilsan® Fine Powders can be applied using a variety of application methods, such as hot spraying (flocking) and flame spraying

Rilsan® Fine Powders are well suited to most other standard processes usedfor powder coating: hot (flock) spraying, rotomolding, pipe lining, and flame spraying, to name a few.

These processes are particularly adapted to the coating of large or bulky parts (valves, pumps, cylinders), articles with intricate designs (heaters), or large diameter pipes that are too large to be dip-coated.

Depending on the final coating properties required, both the processing conditions and the grades compatible with these technologies should be studied and chosen specifically. Our technical support team will be pleased to assist you further in this regard.

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