Fluidized Bed Dipping Process

Fluidized bed dip-coating consists of immersing a hot part into powder suspended by rising air flow. When the Rilsan® powder comes into contact with the preheated article, it melts and forms a film on the surface of the part. This process produces a consistent thickness, even on parts with complex profiles (internal and external coatings in one operation). The dip-coating process is simple and efficient (100% transfer).

Criteria For Choosing This Process

Rilsan® Fine Powders can be applied using the fluid bed dipping process

Thickness of the part

The process is particularly suitable for parts with a metal thickness of at least 3 mm. For small diameter wire articles, a post fusion operation may be required following the dip-coating operation.


Thickness of coating desired

The process allows the application of Rilsan® coatings with a thickness from 250 to 500 μm. For very massive parts, it is possible to apply thicker coatings by increasing dipping time, or by successive dipping operations.


Size of the part to be coated

The dimension of the part determines the size of the tank. Very heavy or very long components (tubes) can be coated by this method, but will require specific handling equipment.


Nature of part - surface treatment

Any type of material that can withstand the necessary oven preheat temperatures.

Advantages of Fluidized Bed Dipping

  • External and internal coating in single operation
  • Uniform coating thickness achieved, even on parts with complex shapes
  • High flexibility in terms of part dimensions
  • Simple production technology
  • Very good productivity
  • Easy process automation
  • Very little powder wasted

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