Additives for paints

In addition to powder coating and additive manufacturing, Rilsan® PA11 powders can be used as additives in industrial coatings to improve properties and impart texture.

For more textured finishes and better cleanability, Orgasol® ultrafine powders with a spheroidal shape and smaller particle size are also available. Visit Orgasol® powders website.

Rilsan® D Range

Compatible with a wide range of paints, Rilsan® D is well known by paint manufacturers for its combination of properties including:


  • High degree of scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Matting effect
  • Feeling/touch: the wide granulometry range and angular shape particles lead to a specific coating texture from finely granulated to sharply structured
  • Covering properties with mass pigmented products
  • Special multicolour effects with mass colored grades
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Low density

3 main additive markets

  • Coil coating
  • Flooring: PVC, concrete, sport flooring
  • Plastic Coating: PVC profiles, automotive parts, video/Hi-Fi equipment

Rilsan® Fine Powders exhibit a full dispersibility in liquid media (polyurethane, epoxy formulations, etc.), and a regular size distribution which provides a regular structured coating aspect.


Product nomenclature

Rilsan® D 40 Natural
Commercial name Dispersion Average Natural or mass
Polyamide 11 Grade in liquid media Particle size (μm) Colored grade


  • Natural grades: D 30 Nat, D 40 Nat, D 50 Nat, D 60 Nat
  • White grades: D 20 White, D 40 White
  • Various ES MAC colors

Particle size distribution

Coating with Rilsan® D additive


Abrasion resistance (Taber abrasimeter ISO 9352:93, Wheel CS17, 1000g)

Polyurethane coating without additive
Polyurethane coating with polyamide 12

Polyurethane coating with polyamide 11: Rilsan® D

Coating Polyurethane Polyurethane with Rilsan® D
Clemens scratch test 600 g 800 g
(Arkema norm)

Matting effect

Example: Rilsan® D polyurethane paint


Rilsan® D amount (% WT) Gloss (60°)
30% 21%
2% 59%

Multicolour effect:


Among Rilsan® fine powder grades, mass colored ES MAC or T MAC can be used as additives and offer covering properties to the coating, thanks to the incorporation of pigments in the polymer matrix.

Multicolor effects:     
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To get different textured finishes and a higher cleanability, Arkema also provides Orgasol® ultrafine powders with a spheroïdal shape and smaller particle size. Visit Orgasol® powders website.