Polyamide Powders for 3D Printing

Polyamides are the reference materials in powder bed fusion processes like laser sintering (LS). This technology is used for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. It creates elaborate 3-dimensional objects that can be used for models or as functional parts.

Laser sintering is an additive manufacturing technique that uses a laser beam to produce 3D parts by fusing together thermoplastic powders layer by layer. There is a growing interest for LS technology because it provides quick identification of design issues and easily produces durable complex parts with great mechanical properties. 

Arkema offers a comprehensive range of fine polyamide powders for powder bed fusion: Orgasol® Invent Smooth, Rilsan® Invent Black, Rilsan® Invent Natural. 

Rilsan® Invent Natural and Rilsan® Invent Black are both polyamide 11 fine powders, a high performance polyamide 100% sourced from a renewable raw material. They have been specially developed for 3D printing, with good control of particle size and thermal properties, providing a very good processability in LS machines. Rilsan® Invent parts display superior mechanical properties compared to polyamide 12, with outstanding impact resistance, higher ductility and elasticity. 

The qualities of Rilsan® Invent Natural make it the most suitable solution for prototype manufacturing, as well as limited-run (rapid) manufacturing. Rilsan® Invent Black powder is used to produce intense black parts with excellent mechanical properties.

From aerospace to electronics to automotive, companies around the world increasingly use LS to speed up design, development, and market introduction of new products. 


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Arkema aims to address the needs of the demanding and innovative 3D printing markets with a new commercial platform,  "3D Printing Solutions by Arkema." The new platform will leverage an extensive range of materials dedicated to each of the major 3D printing technologies, a proven expertise, and strategic partnerships with key players in additive manufacturing.


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