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Physical & Chemical Properties

The main advantages Rilsan® Fine Powder coatings offer are abrasion resistance, toughness and impact resistance, chemical and corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and easy processing.

Physical Properties

PropertiesStandardValues Units
Melting temperature ISO 11357 186 °C
Specific gravity ISO 1183, at 20°C 1.04 to 1.25* g/cm3
Water absorption at saturation at 20°C, 65% RH 0.9 to 1.1 %
at 20°C, 100% RH 1.6 to 1.9
Surface hardness Shore D, ISO 868 75 Shore D sec
Persoz, ISO 1522 200 to 300  
Abrasion resistance Taber, ASTM D4060
(CS17 grinding wheel, 1000 cycles, 1kg load)
15 mg
Impact resistance ASTM G14 2 to 3 J
Salt spray resistance ISO 7253, on scribed primed plates
(testing according to WIS 4-52-01)
< 1mm corrosion after 2000h  mm

*Measured on natural and colored products

Chemical Resistance

Rilsan® PA11 features outstanding resistance to oils, hydraulic fluids and fuels, as well as excellent resistance to acids, bases and salts.


The chemical resistance of Rilsan® PA11 coatings is reflected both in high dimensional stability under harsh conditions and in the non-degradation of the polymer matrix, making it a great solution for highly demanding applications.


Chemical agentConcentrationPerformance
    20°C 40°C 60°C
Acetone Pure G G L
Agricultural spray   G G  
Ammonia Concentrated solutions G G G
Calcium chloride   G G G
Citric acid   G G L
Copper sulfate   G G G
Fruit juices   G G  
Gasoil   G G G
Glucose   G G G
Glycerin Pure G G L
Greases   G G G
Hydrogen   G G G
Lactic acid   G G G
Mercury   G G G
Oils   G G G
Ozone 2 ppm, 10 days G G  
Paraffin   G G  
Petrol   G G G
Sea water   G G G
Sodium carbonate   G G L
Sodium chloride Saturated G G G
Stearine   G G G
Sulfur   G G  
Sulfuric acid 1% G G L


G = Good

L = Limited (swelling on coating; suitability depends on specific use and duration)